Our polyethylene mouthpiece´s graduated design fits directly into the patient end of all manifolds and flextubes as well as AirLife® trach tees.

Mouthpiece, Universal
Constructed of clear, break-resistant plastic, our trach tee adapters can be used with or without drainage. Trach tees have one-way valves that facilitate ventilator monitoring setups and various pulmonary function measurements.

Trach Tee (T-Piece)

T-Adapter for nebulizer
Tee adapter for small nebulizers with 22mm ( 7/8”) O.D./22mm ( 7/8”) O.D. arms, 18mm base

Ventilator Elbow w/ Suction Port and Cap
Our AirLife® ventilator elbow with suction port may be used with small-volume nebulizers or respirators. 15mm I.D. base. Both include a cap. Delivered clean and ready to use. 50 elbows per case.

Oxygen Tube Connector
Our AirLife® oxygen tubing connector connects tubing with a diameter between 5 and 7mm.

Our AirLife® cuff connector connects 22mm O.D. tracheal cuffs.

Cuff Connector

Corrugated Tubing Connector
Our AirLife® corrugated tubing connectors provide an easy way to make connections between different lengths of 22mm I.D. corrugated tubing.

Patient Y and Elbow
Our adult Y connectors have 22mm O.D. on both “Y” arms and an elbow adapter for patient trach attachment. Elbow fits either a 22mm I.D. or 15mm O.D. adapter. Includes an integral thermometer/thermistor and pressure-sensing ports with attached, hinged caps.

Universal Nut and Nipple
Our AirLife® nut/nipple connector can be used to connect oxygen tubing to an oxygen source. To use, simply attach the threaded end of the connector securely to a flowmeter and connect the tubing connector to the outlet stem.

Non-Conductive 2-way Bacterial Filter (Viral)
AirLife® disposable respiratory filter traps bacteria and viral particles by electrostatic attraction and its dense makeup. Filter provides defense against infection. Small, lightweight and translucent, our hydrophobic filter resists moisture and offers easy visualization of water buildup.

Omni-flex Connector
Our AirLife® connectors for Omni-Flex™ systems provide an additional length of tubing for your vertical circuit for increased flexibility and mobility. Connect between a patient´s endotracheal or tracheostomy tube and ventilator circuit wye connection or HME. Connectors expand from 5 to 6.5cm

Water Trap
Disposable Water Traps
Our water traps are for use with 22mm tubing.

Heat and Moisture Exchange
Also known as Hydroscopic Condenser Humidifier (HCH).  Sometimes called as "artificial noses" or passive humidification devices.
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